HawkWare Tools

HawkWare Tools

HAWKWARE Tools for SOLIDWORKS is a FREE add-in containing a large number of productivity enhancing apps, along with valuable links to additional SOLIDWORKS resources.


HawkWare Tools for SOLIDWORKS resides in the SOLIDWORKS taskpane. It allows you to install and update tools developed by the HawkWare team. You could also deploy tools internally to your company users.


  • Deactivation Reminder

    If you jump from PC to PC and need to move your license, this will remind you to transfer your license when you exit SOLIDWORKS

  • Fillet Renamer

    Rename all the fillets and rounds in your feature tree to include their values

  • Configuration Exploder

    Save model configurations as individual files

  • Task Creator

    Create internal To-Do lists that travel with the files

  • User Macros

    Assign your own macros to SOLIDWORKS events, like Open, Save or Rebuild

  • Drawing Creator

    Generate drawings for large number of SOLIDWORKS models in one easy tool

  • Resource Monitor

    Get a quick view of the PC resources your SOLIDWORKS session is consuming

  • Many More

    We're always adding new tools. Let us know if there is a tool you would like to see!